Guardian Angels Central Catholic School - West Point



Name of Facility: Guardian Angels Central Catholic School
419 E Decatur
419 E Decatur
WEST POINT, Nebraska

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Name: Paula Peatrowsky


Department: Guardian Angels Central Catholic High School
Reports to: Fr. Steve Emanuel

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

•Create and maintain a productive community where there is harmony, a positive learning environment, effective communication, and shared responsibility.
•Exemplify Catholic faith for teachers, school staff, students and parents.
•Prioritize and manage time effectively.
•Comply with regulations and requirements for accreditation as defined by the State of Nebraska and the Archdiocese of Omaha.
•Recruit, interview and recommend all teachers and school staff for employment.
•Provide input about school budget and maintain required financial records.
•Coordinate programming and services with and be a liaison to the public school.
•Attend meetings that are deemed necessary in the role of school principal. This may include, but not limited to, Parish and School Advisory Board, Supportive Parents Association, as well as Catholic School Office Administrator meetings.
•Provide and demonstrate a caring relationship with all students.
•Ensure the health and safely of all students.
•Direct and support teachers in establishing an appropriate discipline philosophy for the school.
•Coordinate curriculum and schedules.
•Work collaboratively with teachers to review data and design necessary staff development to support goals of the School Improvement Plan.
•Visit classrooms regularly to affirm and assist teachers in developing additional teaching proficiency.
•Facilitate the development, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the school’s improvement plan, utilizing the framework and processes adopted by the Catholic School Office to address approval and accreditation requirements of the State of Nebraska.
•Provide an orientation for new teachers and staff.
•Provide leadership through teacher meetings, teacher in-services, and other forms of communication.
•Formally evaluate teachers and school staff a minimum of once a year. This action is to be preceded by regular classroom observations with follow-up discussions and goal-setting.
(Other duties as assigned)


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
•A practicing member, in good standing, of the Roman Catholic Church who sees his/her commitment to Catholic education as a ministry.
•Demonstrated record of developing a sound philosophy of Catholic School education and administration.
•High energy leader with a passion for students, faith formation, community building, character development, learning, and excellence.
•Demonstrated record of developing processes, implementing and evaluating an effective school improvement plan.
•Strong working knowledge of the spiritual and academic educational documents used in the Archdiocese.
•Strong working knowledge and/or skills in administration, management, curriculum, instruction, public relations, communications, development, budget and finance.
•Demonstrated record of setting high expectations for students, staff and self; assessing progress and growth on an ongoing basis.
•Demonstrated excellent oral and written communication skills.

Education and Experience
Bachelor of Science
Master’s Degree in Education Administration
Possess a valid Nebraska Administration Certificate
Safe School Certified
Five or more years of experience as a classroom teacher
Minimum of three years as a school administrator (preferred)

Application Instructions

Interested applicants please submit their application, cover letter, resume, references and transcripts to the following address: