President - Guardian Angels Central Catholic Schools

Guardian Angels Central Catholic School - West Point



Name of Facility: Guardian Angels Central Catholic Schools
419 E. Decatur St
West Point, Nebraska

Submitted By

Name: Dr. Norman Ridder


Department: Schools
Reports to: Guardian Angels Central Catholic School Board

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

• Make informed and timely decisions to ensure the smooth functioning of the schools.
• Collaborate with key stakeholders to develop and implement short-term strategic plans aligned with the school’s mission and goals.
• Evaluate existing policies and procedures to identify areas of improvement.
• Oversee the budget and financial resources, ensuring fiscal responsibility and sustainability.
• Work closely with the finance committee to allocate resources efficiently.
• Support and guide academic leaders in maintaining the quality and integrity of educational programs.
• Address any academic challenges or concerns that may arise during the interim period.
• Foster positive relationships with students, faculty, staff, parents, and the wider community.
• Communicated transparently and effectively to keep stakeholders informed about changes and developments.
• Provide leadership to the administrative team and ensure a cohesive and collaborative work environment.
• Collaborate with the school’s board of directors, providing regular updates and seeking input on key decisions.
• Implement board-approved policies and initiatives.
• Identify opportunities for improvement in various aspects of the school, such as facilities, technology, and student services.
• Facilitate a smooth transition for the incoming permanent school president by documenting key processes, challenges, and achievement during the interim period.
• Provide necessary handover materials and information to ensure continuity.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Leader – An honest, ethical, trustworthy, transparent and compassionate person with empathy. A strong innovative collaborator who implements a positive learning culture in a system of excellence. A leader of faith devoted to growing individuals through coaching.

Communicator – A person who reads, writes and speaks with clarity. A charismatic person with intrapersonal skills and enjoys people. A leader who listens to all people impacted by a decision. A leader who has the skills to use technology and social media in their communication with staff, parents, students and the greater community. A person who is engaging and motivating.

Visionary – A leader who builds excellence in learning rooted in the Gospel and demonstrates the ability to drive innovation from the classroom to the greater faith community.

Visible – An individual who will become involved in the community and be known by the students, teachers, parents and the greater faith community. A person who creates happiness and joy by their presence in the classroom, school and the greater faith community

Accountable – An individual with financial acumen. A person who leads using processes and procedures from the school board to the classroom rooted in common sense. An inspirational leader who will both empower staff and hold them accountable. A leader who gets results.

Education and Experience
The applicant must be a practicing Roman Catholic. The candidate should be a certified administrator in Nebraska with five years’ experience as a teacher and administrator.

Application Instructions

All candidates must apply via the following link: