Maintenance Staff

St. Francis Borgia Parish (Blair) - Blair

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Name of Facility: St Francis Borgia
2005 Davis Dr
Blair, Nebraska

Submitted By

Name: Beth Holdridge


Department: Maintenance
Reports to: Father Damien Wee

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

• Must be a self-starter and willing to adapt.
• Have access to a pick up for hauling branches, equipment and recycling.
• Basic plumbing and electrical knowledge are helpful.
• Exhibit professional behavior and always promote positive working relationships.
• Active, practicing Catholic in full communion with the Catholic Church, with a demonstrated commitment to the mission and teachings of the Church.
o Practice St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church values and always support the goals and the Parish Mission.
o Be proactive & respectful in all relationships.
o Always promote and project a positive & professional demeanor and attitude.
o Have an absence of negative temperament, no disruptive personal qualities.
o Work as a team member always.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• For St. Francis Borgia:
o Twice a year, lubricate the moving parts on the bell with graphite.
o Spray for weeds
o Care for and trim all shrubbery and landscaping.
o Care for, water, and maintain interior and exterior plants, flowers, grass.
o Take recycling to the recycling center as needed.
o Maintains and orders equipment as needed.
o Performs general maintenance and repairs on the Church campus & Rectory as needed, including but not limited to: Changing valances and bulbs, perform minor plumbing and electrical repairs as needed, repaint parking lot lines, arrows, handicapped spaces.
o Consult with Pastor or next in authority before spending over $500.00 on any repair.
o Replace air filters regularly at the Church, Education Building & Rectory.
o Check belts on air units, grease the blower fan bearings.
o Blow out and clean all gutters on the Church, Education Building & Rectory in spring and fall.
o Inspect roofs of Church, Education Building & Rectory annually.
o Care for and maintain lawn mower and other maintenance equipment.
o Maintain all service contracts and work with certified and licensed technicians as needed.
o Assist the Funeral Committee by running the dishwasher, picking up the meat and bread for lunches if needed, including lifting heavy items such as the coffee pot and trays.
o Assist the Art & Environment Committee with seasonal displays.
o Assist with the coordination and moving of furniture or equipment.
o Set up for Fish Fry, Thanksgiving & Christmas, RCIA and other events involving put up and take down of portable walls, tables, and chairs.
o Repair kneelers when needed.
o Wash and fold towels when needed.
o Coordinate the semiannual and annual checkup on the Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Extinguishers.
o Coordinate the annual inspection of the kitchen oven hood.
o Coordinate the annual backflow testing of the main water system at the Church.
o Coordinate the annual boiler inspection.
o Ch

Application Instructions

Please call 402.426.3823 and ask for Beth. A fuller description can be provided for upon request. This position is starting out as part time with the potential of full time depending on the applicant.