Choral Accompanist

Creighton Preparatory School - Omaha



Name of Facility: Creighton Preparatory School
7400 Western Ave
Omaha, Nebraska

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Name: Joe Ryberg


Department: Music
Reports to: Choral Director and Principal

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Accompanists are highly-skilled individuals who play a significant role in the process of teaching music. The accompanist, when working at her or his highest potential, greatly enhances the rehearsal process by rapidly providing accurate lines of musical notes, demonstrating harmonies and helping establish the emotional undercurrent of the musical piece being studied. When the choir enters into the performance aspect of a piece, the accompanist provides an essential, powerful voice in the musical framework.

Duties of the Accompanist:
This Accompanist position involves approximately 320 hours of work over the course of two semesters.
The Accompanist duties include:
Accompanying our three choirs at all rehearsals. These three choirs include: Prep Choir, Concert Choir and Chamber Choir.
Accompanying the three choirs at all concerts, masses and special events.
Rehearsal times are typically between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00am, Monday through Friday.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Requirements and Skills Necessary for the Accompanist Position:
Rapid sight reading in both open-score and piano reduction formats
Knowledge of a variety of genres and the ability to shift seamlessly between each genre
Leadership capability in sectional rehearsals
Professional demeanor when communicating with students and colleagues
Successful completion of a background check, and must be trained in or prepared to complete Safe Environment Training offered through the Archdiocese of Omaha

Education and Experience
See above.

Application Instructions

Contact Information for the Accompanist Position:
All those interested in this opportunity should contact Mr. Rob Chesire, Director of Vocal Music: