Preschool Director

St. Patrick Parish (Gretna) - Gretna



Name of Facility: St. Patrick Catholic Preschool
508 W. Angus Street
Gretna, Nebraska

Submitted By

Name: Jolene Jefferies, Parish Manager


Department: Preschool
Reports to: Pastor and the Parish Manager

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

St. Patrick Preschool is a mission outreach of St. Patrick Catholic Church to the children and families of the parish and the surrounding community of Gretna. The mission of St. Patrick Preschool is to equip and engage children (ages 3 to 5-years-old) and families to join God in His mission to bring all people into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ by providing a developmentally appropriate Christ-centered program.

The Director of Preschool will be offered the choice to work one of three different work schedules (please note that each option may include some evening meetings and weekend events):

A. Work a 40-hour work week over a 52-week year and be paid a full annual salary with eligibility for healthcare and retirement benefits, vacation and sick leave, holidays, and holy days off with pay. OR
B. Work 11 months of each fiscal year at 40 hours per week of each of the 11 months and take the month of June off without pay (e.g., not to exceed 160 hours). With this option, the incumbent will be eligible for healthcare and retirement benefits, but not vacation or sick leave, holidays, and holy days off with pay. The annual salary will be reduced to 11/12ths of the normal current annual pay of a full-time director working year-round (e.g., as in Option A). However, pay will be paid out over a 12-month cycle. OR
C. Work on an hourly basis and be paid an hourly wage (rather than a salary). With this option, if the incumbent were to work full-time, the hourly rate will be calculated and based on the annualized median pay range of a full-time director working year-round (e.g., as in Option A). The months of June and July are off without pay. Some general flexibility with the work schedule is allowed, but the incumbent is not eligible for healthcare and retirement benefits, vacation or sick leave, holidays, and holy days off with pay.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• The Preschool Director will be supervised by the Parish Manager and directly accountable to the Pastor.

• Preschool Parent Advisory Board: The Preschool Parent Advisory Board functions as an appointed advisory team to serve beside the Director.

• The Director will work together with the Team in an ongoing way to evaluate the fiscal, policy and strategic strengths and needs of the ministry. It is the goal of the Team to assure that the Preschool fulfills the stated mission.

• The Director will attend and provide reports to the Parish Pastoral Council

NOTE: Depending on the number of enrollments (we offer morning classes and afternoon classes), the Director may also be required to teach. If enrollments are high, the Director will focus on administrative functions, and may occasionally be required to teach if a teacher is absent.

Education and Experience
• The Director will have at least a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or a related field with all required certifications.

• The Director will have successful experience as a preschool classroom teacher and/or as a preschool director.

• The Director will live a Catholic life that gives witness to the Lord Jesus Christ, be a servant leader, and support the vision and ministries of St. Patrick Catholic Church. Conformance with the religious tenets of the Catholic faith is a condition of employment, and all employees are prohibited from performing, teaching, or advocating any practices or doctrines which are inconsistent with religious tenets of the Catholic faith.

Application Instructions

If interested in applying for this position, please send a cover letter and resume to Jolene Jefferies at no later than April 15, 2023. You will be sent a copy of the complete job description and the work schedule options/requirements.