Manager, Facilities

Archdiocesan Facilities - Omaha

POSITION TITLE: Manager, Facilities

DEPARTMENT: Facilities

REPORTS TO: Chief Financial Officer

EFFECTIVE DATE: November 11, 2022

CLASSIFICATION: Regular, Full-Time, Exempt


Manages and oversees Archdiocesan property and the operation of buildings. Plans, oversees, and coordinates maintenance and improvement projects. Manages maintenance, grounds, and custodial staff and ensures a safe environment through a combination of upkeep and renovation of structures.

• Prioritize, plan, evaluate, and coordinate facility requests, general maintenance, major repairs, and remodeling or construction projects for commercial or residential properties.
• Determine schedules and assignments for work activities, based on work priority, quantity of equipment, and skill of personnel.
• Provide timely and solution-oriented customer service to internal departments and both general and specific facility requests.
• Oversee construction and renovation projects to improve efficiency and to ensure that facilities comply with government regulations and meet environmental, health, and security standards.
• Examine objects, systems, or facilities, and analyze information to determine needed installations, services, or repairs.
• Inspect buildings, review plans, and determine standards for maintenance, designs, components, and materials; assign and communicate these needs to appropriate workers.
• Oversee the maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, and electrical and mechanical systems.
• Monitor work areas and examine tools and equipment in order to detect unsafe conditions or violations of procedures or safety rules.
• Provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, and protecting people and property.
• Conduct or arrange for worker training in safety, repair, maintenance techniques, operational procedures, and equipment use.
• Monitor employees' work levels and review work performance.
• Plan, administer, and control budgets for contracts, equipment, and supplies.
• Participate in budget preparation and administration, coordinating purchasing and documentation, and monitoring departmental expenditures.
• Compute estimates and actual costs of factors such as materials, labor, and outside contractors.
• Requisition materials and supplies, such as tools, equipment, and replacement parts.
• Oversee contractors for repairs or new projects.
• All other job-related duties as assigned by supervisor.
• Oversee security aspects for all buildings, as assigned.

• Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service, including meeting quality standards for services and ensuring customer satisfaction.
• Knowledge of outdoor maintenance, including grounds, building, roofing, and general property management; ability to operate mowers, snow blowers, and snowplows.
• Knowledge of security systems, procedures, enforcement codes, equipment, and risk control strategies.
• Knowledge of plumbing, electrical, and remodeling work, to include drywall, painting, and carpentry.
• Knowledge of materials, chemicals, and techniques for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces inside buildings and rooms.
• Ability to apply logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
• Able to tackles problems, seek out new ways of doing things; generate new ideas; accept new responsibilities as needed; handle pressure and uncertainty; adjust priorities to meet changing needs.
• Effectively develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish work tasks.
• Ability to determines how money will be spent to get the work done, and accounts for these expenditures.
• Knowledge of industry standards and proper, safe, and appropriate techniques for completing work tasks.
• Ability to negotiates and manage outsource service providers and the transition/onboarding of new service providers.
• Able to effectively motivate, develop, and direct people as they work, identifying the best people for the job.
• Skilled in initiating, developing, and maintaining relationships with teams and individuals.
• Able to effectively manages one's own time and the time of others.
• Ability to understand blueprints and communicate complex project details to others.
• Ability to establish strong, positive, interpersonal relations with a variety of personalities and work styles; understanding of the need for situational confidentiality and attention to business ethics.

• Background in and/or knowledge of the Catholic Church with a demonstrated commitment to the mission and teachings of the Church.
• High school diploma or equivalent required.
• Minimum 5 years facilities experience – personnel management preferred.
• Facilities Management certifications [i.e., Certified Facility Manager (CFM), Facility Management Professional (FMP)] and/or FEMA PDS preferred.
• Valid driver's license required.

• Position is continually on-call to provide support; must be available to travel and work evenings, weekends, and holidays if needed.

• Regular travel to archdiocesan facilities required. Travel to retrieve supplies and materials required.