St. Joan of Arc Catholic School - Omaha

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Name of Facility: St. Joan of Arc School
7430 Hascall St
Omaha, Nebraska

Submitted By

Name: Wilma Ernesti
Email: wjernesti@midtowncatholic.church


Reports to: Terry McWilliams

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

• Clean the interior of buildings including floors, carpet, rugs, windows, and walls
• Disinfect commonly used items like desks, door handles, office tools, and phones
• Empty trash and recycling bins
• Vacuum, sweep and mop floors
• Clean and maintain restrooms
• Washing and clean windows and mirrors
• Notify supervisor of unsafe conditions
• Operate floor scrubbers and other equipment
• Dust furniture and fixtures


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Knowledge of various cleaning products and when to use them
• Ability to clean and disinfect various surfaces
• Ability to lift and move at least 50 pounds
• Knowledge of safety guidelines when working with chemical cleaners
• Excellent time-management skills

Education and Experience
High School Diploma

Application Instructions

Please email your resume to wjernesti@midtowncatholic.church.