Assistant Facility Manager

St. Matthew the Evangelist Parish (Bellevue) - Bellevue



Name of Facility: St. Matthew the Evangelist Church of Bellevue
12330 S 36th Street
Bellevue, Nebraska

Submitted By

Name: Paula Banks


Reports to: Facility Manager

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Maintain excellent housekeeping standards both inside and outside of the St Matthew Facilities. Ensures
custodial duties are completed, as needed.
Communicates regularly with the Facility Manager and participates in keeping preventative maintenance
plans current.
Performs routine preventative maintenance tasks as required, for example: lubricate motors, change filters,
light bulbs, etc.
Maintains and repairs existing structures.
Regularly checks heating/air conditioning units for operability and adjusts thermostats, as required.
Ensures all lighting is maintained and controlled to obtain maximum energy efficiency including but not
limited to all interior and exterior lighting both manually and/or controlled by timers or photocells, etc.
Maintains a viable re-cycling program, for example: checking all facility dumpsters daily to ensure that no
hazardous materials have been inappropriately discarded.
Ensures all walkways, parking lots, roadways, stairs and sidewalks are clear of snow/ice at all times.
Ensures mechanical rooms, mechanical areas and air conditioning cooling tower areas are maintained,
locked at all times, clear of all obstructions and void of all dangerous materials.
Responsible for the set up /takedown to support all parish and school related activities, for example: Mass,
school programs and lunch setup, etc.
Monitors all outside grounds contractor’s responsibilities, for example: ice and snow removal, grounds
fertilizing, lawn sprinkler maintenance, etc.
Ensure inventory is ordered, organized and dispenses as required.
Coordinates with St Matthew’s Parish volunteers and others on required facility and grounds maintenance
Maintains a secure campus in cooperation with the parish security control specialist and volunteer security
Ensures staff coverage during special events, e.g. wedding receptions, sporting events and other
evening/weekend church events.
Must possess a valid Nebraska Driver's Lic. and Safe Environ. cert./Background Chk


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Must have basic knowledge of plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems, etc.
 Basic knowledge of hand tools and their use
 Mechanically inclined
 Have basic knowledge of building structures
 Basic knowledge of modems, switching and routing
 Must be able to communicate with contractors, e.g. plumbers, electricians etc.
 Self-motivated, self-driven
 Must have strong problem solving skills
 High degree of multi-tasking and time management capability

Education and Experience
Associates degree in a related skill field as listed above or 5 years relevant experience.

Application Instructions

Please email resume to