Immigration Specialist

Catholic Charities of Omaha - Omaha



Name of Facility: Juan Diego Center- Catholic Charities of Omaha
5211 S 31st Street
Omaha, Nebraska

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Name: Amanda Driver

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Immigration legal assistance
• Conduct legal consultations to determine if clients are eligible for federal immigration benefits.
• Complete appropriate immigration applications for clients.
• Conduct legal research to ensure compliance with immigration laws and regulations.
• Manage naturalization workshop registrations, preparation of files and planning of quarterly workshops.
• Represent clients before the Department of Homeland Security after applying for and receiving Department of Justice (DOJ) accreditation from the Office of Legal Access Program (OLAP).
• Conduct on-site consultations at partner sites.
• Maintain all case records and documentation mandated by Catholic Charities and CC-ILS policies and procedures.
• Make appropriate referrals as necessary for immigration legal services beyond the scope of the program’s or one’s own competencies, and for other social service needs.

Community outreach
• Actively participate or present relevant immigration information to the immigrant and nonimmigrant communities periodically as needed.
• Assist in public relations efforts which increase the visibility of CC-ILS, publicize immigration issues faced by immigrants and raise community awareness on immigration issues.
Quality Improvement
• Participate in monthly round table discussion of immigration files as well as weekly meetings with Director, ILS.
• Conduct weekly gold sheet review on peers’ files before documentation is mailed to USCIS.
• Conduct open and closed case file reviews as mandated by Council on Accreditation.
• Collect data for United Way and other funding sources.

Performs other related duties as assigned by management.

*Reliable attendance is an on-going essential job function.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Must be bilingual in English and Spanish.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Understanding of, and sensitivity to, people of low-income and multi-cultural backgrounds.
• Ability to work with and be sensitive to non-English speakers.
• Must be able to work with victims of domestic violence and be sensitive to their needs and situation.
• Ability to function as an active, collaborative, team member, sometimes across agency lines.
• Ability to translate between English and Spanish and vice versa, fluently and accurately.
• Knowledge of the U.S. immigration system desirable.
• Ability to read, analyze and apply legal material to clients’ cases.
• Ability to interview clients, listening for information and following up with additional, appropriate questions.
• Ability to present information effectively to an adult group in a public education forum.
• Knowledge and ability to access the internet and research legal information.
• Ability to be detail oriented and manage a large caseload.
• Ability to prioritize multiple projects and ensure all deadlines are met.
• Ability to be organized and delegate tasks to other members of the team to complete.
• Computer proficiency including MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook.
• Ability to qualify for Department of Justice (DOJ) accreditation.

Education and Experience
• Work experience in legal research and writing preferred (1-3 years).
• Work experience in the immigration legal field, other legal field or social service preferred (1-3 years).
• Experience working one-on-one, with people dealing with very personal information requiring confidentiality preferred (1-3 years).
• High School Diploma or Equivalent
• 4-Year College Degree PREFERRED or prior work experience in the legal field (1-3 years).

Application Instructions