Chief Academic Officer CUES School System

CUES School System - Omaha



Name of Facility: CUES School System
2207 Wirt St
Omaha, Nebraska

Submitted By

Name: Laura Hickman


Department: administration
Reports to: President of CUES

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Position Summary: Under the direction of the President of the CUES School System and the Board of Governors, the Chief Academic Officer provides leadership for all academic programs at CUES schools to ensure consistent quality standards in curriculum and programs to meet the needs of our students. The CAO oversees the academic integrity of CUES and provides leadership in long-range planning; budgeting; curriculum; professional development; and program development.

Direct Reports: CUES School System principals, Director of Student and Family Support Services, Director of Technology
The CAO assists the Board of Governors as they take initiative and make decisions concerning best practices for the following, but not limited to:

1) Education Model - includes technology, learning styles, curriculum, faculty professional development, data assessment and policies, and support for exceptional students;

2) Family Support Model - student study skills, parent/teacher meetings and utilization of volunteers in the schools;

3) Student Tracking Model - includes establishing metrics and reports to show growth and development of students during their education at the CUES schools;

4) Operations Model - includes evaluation of staff size, buildings, product purchasing, salaries and benefits;

5) Business/Financial Model - includes budget preparation, scholarship programs, tuition rates in/with cooperation of CUES Controller.

Ensure the school improvement plans align with the strategic plan of the CUES School System

Ensure the appropriate administrative procedures, policies, and schedules are in place for the effective operation of each school.

Coordinate the hiring, support, and leadership development and evaluation of the CUES School System administrators.

Work with building level administrators in analyzing data to determine school improvement focus areas.

Serve as the liaison and openly communicate between the school staff and the CU


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Nebraska Teaching Certificate
Experience with supervision in a school setting

Application Instructions

A cover letter and resume with references can be emailed to:
Laura Hickman, Chair of Board of Governors,